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Timeshare Law

The following are general guidelines and should not be relied upon without consulting a timeshare attorney about your unique situation. Please see disclaimer.

Timeshare laws are unique and distinct from traditional real estate law. Because of this, very few attorneys are well versed in this subject matter. Timeshare contracts can also be extremely complex and difficult to interpret for even the most experienced lawyers. That is why we recommend always having an attorney who is experienced in timeshare law review legal documents before moving forward with any transaction. At Robertson Law Associates our timeshare attorneys provide the necessary legal analysis you need before making the choice to get out of a timeshare.

If you have a question about a timeshare law subject not listed here, please contact one of our timeshare attorneys to see if we can help. Simply call us now for a case consultation.

Read on to learn more about any of these timeshare law topics as well as information on timeshare laws by state.

Resale Timeshare Laws

Many timeshare purchasers find greater value by purchasing on the secondary market. They can receive the use and benefits of a timeshare without the high price tag from the developer. However, when entering into any timeshare contract or agreement, it is crucial to have a timeshare attorney review your ownership objectives and ensure that the transaction achieves your goals.

Even if you are already working with a lawyer, it is worth the second look from an experienced timeshare lawyer if it can protect you and your family. We act as co-counsel on matters involving timeshare law. Already signed a timeshare contract? We can examine your situation, discuss your options moving forward and protect your rights. Read more about timeshare resale laws.

Buyer Timeshare Laws

It is important to understand your rights under timeshare law, even when purchasing a timeshare. When buying a timeshare you want to ensure that you are asking the right questions, and making sure that your contract includes everything that the seller had promised. It is recommended that you keep all of the information that the developer or seller gives you in addition to your timeshare contract. Many states have advertising laws that protect buyers from false or misleading advertising in sales presentations and brochures. Read more about timeshare buyer laws.

Timeshare Developer Laws

When buying or selling a timeshare, it is imperative to understand the timeshare law that regulates the transaction as well. There are many guidelines under timeshare law that developers must follow in order to register and sell timeshares. Discussing the rules and regulations with a timeshare attorney will help you make a more educated decision before signing a timeshare contract. Many clients tell us that they would never sign a contract to buy or sell a timeshare again without having it reviewed by a timeshare attorney.

State Timeshare Laws

As timeshare laws vary by state, it is important that you review your state’s legislation to be sure that the transaction is conducted correctly and lawfully. Our timeshare attorneys recognize it is vital that you understand your rights involving cancellation, resale, foreclosure defense, and more. Timeshare lawyers are available to help review your exact circumstances to protect both you and your family. To view your state’s timeshare laws, please see the links below. Be advised that you should not act upon this information without seeking proper legal counsel from an attorney experienced in timeshare law. If you have questions regarding any of the following information, please contact us now to review your situation.

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