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West Virginia Timeshare Laws

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Timeshare laws in West Virginia are defined by the West Virginia Real Estate Time-Sharing Act, Chapter 36, Article 9. It describes the state sanctions to establish, register, and sell timeshares.

How to Cancel a Timeshare in West Virginia

Virginia timeshare law §36-9-5 declares that a buyer is entitled to timeshare cancellation within 10 days of receiving the public offering statement or execution of the timeshare contract, whichever occurs later.

If for some reason the timeshare offered in the contract is no longer available and similar accommodations cannot be provided, the purchaser may also cancel the timeshare at any time.

West Virginia Timeshare Laws on Advertising

§36-9-10: Timeshare law in Virginia conditions that all timeshare advertising materials must be registered with the division. This includes all brochures, radio ads, TV ad, sales presentations, and more. Under this law, timeshare advertisements may not present any false or misrepresented information. They are also prohibited from making price or value predictions of the timeshare.

Timeshare Foreclosure Laws

In West Virginia, statue §36-9-15 establishes that the managing entity has the right to foreclose on any delinquent lien or payments. This not only includes legal action against late mortgage payments, but also past due maintenance fees and special assessments.

Click here to read the West Virginia Real Estate Time-Sharing Act.

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