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Practice Areas

The following are general guidelines and should not be relied upon without consulting a timeshare attorney about your unique situation. Please see disclaimer.

Although our main practice area is timeshare law, our attorneys deal with a variety of legal matters. As every client has a different need, our team of attorneys is experienced in a range of specializations to better assist you.

If you have a question about a legal matter not listed here, feel free to contact one of our timeshare attorneys to see if we can help. Simply call us now for a case consultation or fill out the form to the right.

Click below or read on to learn more about any of these common timeshare topics:

Scam Protection

You have probably heard the awful stories concerning timeshare sales fraud and timeshare resale scams. What you may not know is that there are ways to prevent becoming a victim. works to protect timeshare owners and to educate them on how to avoid timeshare scams.

Timeshare Attorney can also help you to avoid falling into a timeshare trap by reviewing a timeshare contract before you sign. Already signed a contract? Our lawyers can review your information and documents to see what opportunities you have. Read more about timeshare scam protection.

Legal Advice

Our lawyers are also happy to provide owners and potential buyers with legal advice. The first step in any legal process is to speak with an attorney to discuss your situation. Our timeshare lawyers can analyze your circumstances to learn what choices you have and help you move forward. We find that many of the owners we speak with everyday have a lot of questions about their timeshare but do not know who to ask. If you have any questions regarding your timeshare, please speak with a timeshare lawyer to answer these questions. Read more about timeshare legal advice.

Asset Management

A practice area that many lawyers are not familiar with is timeshare asset management. Timeshares can be an asset, but it can also be a liability if you are not using it to the fullest potential. Our attorneys can work with you to determine the best way to manage your timeshare for you and your family’s future. Read more about timeshare asset management.


One of the most common practice areas of timeshare law is timeshare disputes. A timeshare dispute can be filed against the developer, seller, or a resale or relief company. First, have a timeshare attorney examine your claim to determine the likelihood of recovery and what course of action may be the best for you. Read more about timeshare disputes.

Foreclosure Defense

One of our most common practice areas is timeshare foreclosure and foreclosure defense. In many states, the timeshare managing entity holds the right to foreclose on any delinquent lien owed by a titleholder. If you have received a notice of foreclosure you need to act fast to protect your rights as you may only have a limited time to file a dispute. As the legislation may vary, consult a timeshare lawyer to determine how much time you may or may not have. Read more about timeshare foreclosure defense.


If you are looking to part ways with your timeshare, one practice area in which we have substantial experience is timeshare transfer. A legal title transfer may be an option for you if you are looking for a supervised transfer of your timeshare to a new owner. Our timeshare attorneys can provide the assistance needed to make this transaction as smooth as possible. Because only certain timeshares may meet the requirements for this service, a timeshare lawyer will have to review the ownership details first. Read more about timeshare transfer.

Closing Services

Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. is our full service title company. Licensed, bonded, underwritten, and insured they can provide a variety of title service needs. Established in 1999, Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. proudly specializes in timeshare transactions. Read more about Timeshare Closing Services.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not the most pleasant task, but it does NOT have to be the most difficult. Our attorneys can work with you to provide the legal guidance you need through this challenging process, including how to include your timeshare in your estate or help you discover your options to dispose of the timeshare. Read more about estate planning.

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