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Timeshare Transfer

Many companies promise that they can take your timeshare, but only if you pay them thousands of dollars for a timeshare transfer. Unfortunately, some of these companies don’t even complete the transfers. Even worse – you don’t discover the problem until a year (or more) later.

A timeshare attorney is available to protect you against timeshare transfer fraud. If you are considering parting ways with your timeshare, there are many things to consider:

  • Does the company hold the funds in escrow until the transfer of a timeshare is complete?
  • Does the company have a positive business history?
  • Or even – can you find out who the company really is?

If you are thinking about transferring your timeshare, a lawyer can assist you by holding the payment funds until the transaction is complete (ensuring that your money is safe). A timeshare attorney can also review the contract to make sure you are actually getting what the sales person promises. In addition, it is important to speak with a lawyer to see if there is a better option before you spend thousands on a risky transaction such as a timeshare transfer.

A timeshare is a great resource for those who are actively traveling and financially able to maintain this luxury item. For some owners, at a certain point the timeshare is no longer something they wish to use or own. The contract has fulfilled their needs but perhaps now they have retired and are streamlining their finances. Or possibly they are traveling less due to unforeseen circumstances. For owners like these, a timeshare transfer seems like a great option, but you need a timeshare attorney to protect your interests.

Transferring a Timeshare to a Buyer

If you have been told on the phone that you have a buyer, a timeshare attorney can help you vet that buyer to make sure they will conclude the transaction, and protect you from timeshare scams and excessive fees.

If you know you’ve found a personal buyer for your timeshare, our attorneys can also help you to close the transfer. We use our full service title company Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. to keep costs down and facilitate the transfer of timeshares. A timeshare attorney will help you with the contract, set up an escrow account, transfer the title to the new owner, and notify the resort of the completed transaction so they no longer contact you. They will even handle the resort “Right of First Refusal” process, if your timeshare qualifies. With a dedication to customer service, we will work with you to meet the resort’s requirements.

Purchasing a Timeshare Transfer

If you want to buy a timeshare transfer through a private seller, an attorney can help you think through all the implications of the transaction. They can also help you to analyze the long term financial impact and how to avoid excessive fees down the road. Whenever purchasing a timeshare you want to avoid dishonest sellers. Our team of attorneys can help you to analyze your timeshare transfer contract to ensure that your rights are properly protected. Additionally a timeshare attorney can help you manage your timeshare to get the best value.

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