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Timeshare Disputes

The following are general guidelines and should not be relied upon without consulting a timeshare attorney about your unique situation. Please see disclaimer.

Our timeshare attorneys frequently assist clients in filing a timeshare dispute. Depending on the type of dispute, purchasers may need to file the dispute by sending legal documentation to the developer or even to their state’s Attorney General. The procedure to file a timeshare dispute may also depend upon timeshare developer and state laws. If you are filing a dispute with a foreign timeshare company we recommend speaking with a timeshare attorney first as this can be extremely complex. Many foreign resorts maintain offices in separate locations or will have government agencies that must handle any type of timeshare law or dispute. In many states, the attorney general will not be able to assist you with any foreign timeshare disputes, so we strongly recommend that you work with a timeshare lawyer.

Timeshare Disputes with Developers

A dispute with a timeshare developer may arise during the initial sale process, through the course of ownership, or when a timeshare owner wishes to terminate his or her ownership. If you feel that you need to file a timeshare dispute with your developer or timeshare owners association, a timeshare attorney can provide you with a legal consultation to determine the best course of action. Fill out the form to the right and we will provide you with a free case consultation.

Timeshare Cancellation Dispute

If you need to cancel a timeshare contract and you are still within your right of rescission, you will need to notify the resort of your request. An attorney can assist you in preparing these documents and confirm that you are sending them to the proper location. Most resorts require a notification for timeshare cancellation through a formal request sent via certified mail. The time period in which a purchaser has to cancel a timeshare contract will depend on various factors, so check with a lawyer to see if you are still within this time period. There are also some states that provide an additional time period in which for timeshare cancellation if the developer did not include necessary clauses in the contract, provided you with false information, or did not deliver all the required documents to you. Call us now at 800-242-0532 now for information and advice.

False Advertising Disputes

Purchasing a timeshare through the developer can sometimes be the result of a high pressure sales meeting. If the developer or timeshare salesperson made false claims to you during the presentation that were not included in your contract, you may have a claim to file a false advertising dispute. These claims may include: misrepresentation of the resort, contract, rights to use, or perceived value of the timeshare.

Many states also declare it unlawful for any timeshare developer to predict an increase in the price of value over time. If you feel that you require legal representation to file such a claim, consult one of our timeshare attorneys to protect your rights as a timeshare buyer.

Timeshare Foreclosure Dispute

In many states, a timeshare developer or timeshare owners association may foreclose on any delinquent mortgage or past due fees. In these circumstances, typically the owner is notified in writing by the seller of the foreclosure. Normally the purchaser has a limited time to dispute the foreclosure or pay the debt. If you are in danger or have already been notified of a foreclosure, a timeshare lawyer can help you to file a timeshare foreclosure dispute or negotiate a settlement on your behalf. If you are unsure as to how much time you have to file a timeshare dispute, a timeshare attorney can assist you.

Timeshare Disputes with Resale Companies

Timeshare Resale Fraud

If you feel that you were “taken” by a fraudulent timeshare resale company, you may need to file a complaint with the Attorney General to report the company. Unfortunately in many cases these salespeople operate under fake companies and fake names, making it very hard to combat the business itself or recover your money. Filing a timeshare complaint with the Attorney General will notify the consumer protection agency so that they can either prosecute the scam company or warn other owners from falling into their trap.

Refund Dispute

If a timeshare resale company advertises a refund option, make sure that this information is clearly defined in the contract. If you are complying with the contract and they deny or ignore your request for a refund, then you may be able to file a timeshare dispute against the company. Depending on the nature of the company, a timeshare lawyer may be able to look over your information from the resale company and advise you on how to file the dispute or pursue a direct action against the company.

For help with a timeshare resale dispute, please fill out the form on this page or call us now for immediate assistance.

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