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Maryland Timeshare Laws

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The Maryland Real Estate Time-sharing Act regulates timeshare law under Maryland Code Title 11. Further polices are controlled by the Maryland Real Estate Commission in Baltimore.

How to Cancel a Timeshare in Maryland

§ 11A-114: The purchaser of a timeshare reserves the right to cancel a timeshare contract within 10 calendar days. This 10 day period will directly follow the contract date, the date that all documents are received by the buyer, or the date that the timeshare unit is ready for occupancy. This right cannot be waived and upon notice, the managing entity has 20 business days to refund the purchaser.

You may also cancel a timeshare contract in Maryland if the accommodations described in the contract are no longer available.

Timeshare Advertising Laws in Maryland

§ 11A-119: Like many other states, Maryland strictly prohibits any false or misleading advertising in connection with the purchase, sale, or offer of a timeshare. The developer may not misrepresent the resort’s size or characteristics under this timeshare law. In Maryland, the seller may not claim the availability of a resale or rental program unless such a program is guaranteed in the written contract.

Timeshare Sales Laws in Maryland

Maryland not only requires that all persons selling timeshare to be licensed brokers, but if the developer is the entity offering or selling a timeshare, the developer must designate an individual as the “project broker”. As far as resale, it is deemed unlawful for any persons to sell or advertise for sale without a real estate license.

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