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Texas Timeshare Laws

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Timeshare law in Texas is sanctioned by the Texas Property Code. Chapter 221 is referenced as the “Texas Timeshare Act”. The Texas Real Estate Commission also provides regulations for broker and salesperson licensing.

Right to Cancel a Timeshare Contract in Texas

Under Texas timeshare laws 221.041, a purchaser has the right to cancel their timeshare contract before the sixth day after receiving the disclosure statement or execution of the contract, whichever is later. They may either deliver the timeshare cancellation notice in person or by mail. In Texas, the seller must refund all fees back to the buyer within 30 days.

Texas Timeshare Sales Laws

Statute 221.071 prohibits timeshare developers or salespeople from deceptive trade practices. The seller shall not make any false statements in reference to the timeshare plan or resort including: features, right to use periods, and exchange capabilities. Under this timeshare law, in Texas the seller is also forbidden from predicting any immediate increases in price or value of the timeshare.

Timeshare Foreclosure Laws in Texas

In Texas, a lender may foreclose on a delinquent timeshare mortgage through either Judicial or Non-Judicial foreclosure. To initiate the legal process, the seller must notify the buyer of that their mortgage is in default. The purchaser then has 60 days to file a dispute. Owners may want to have a timeshare lawyer review this notice to ensure that their rights are protected.

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